Full Board: Includes a customized feeding schedule, quality hay, turnout with bell boots/boots/fly sheets (provided by owner), blanketing, scheduling of vet & farrier, stall cleaning 3x a day, and daily night check at 10pm. Additional rates required: minimum of 6 lessons or training rides a month and 6 shows per year.

Premium Board: Includes all the amenities of and requirements of Base Board with the addition of daily tack up service and grooming (necessary grooming products to be provided by owner).


Lessons & Training Rides:

Private or small group lessons are available daily. Half leases available on a small selection of reliable show horses and ponies for riders who do not have their own horse.

Sales and Horse Shopping: 15% of final sale/lease/purchase price is to be paid as commission/finders fee for any lease or sale assisted in.

Show Rides & Coaching

Vet Services: Tryon Equine Veterinary Services

Farrier Services:
Keith and Jacob Painter

Weekly Bemer Sessions: Karen Benson

Chiropractic & Acupuncture Services: Dr. Joy Baker

Body Clipping & Braiding: 
Armour Equine Services LLC

Call for pricing and availability.